Calgary Spring Challenge and Combined Events - May 11-12, 2014

Katelyn Slessor sets a new Alberta Record in the 100m Hurdles

We knew Katelyn can hurdle fast. She showed that last year by setting a provincial record in the 80m hurdles for midget girls (11.61), and by beating that time decidedly in her high school 80m hurdles earlier last week. I didn’t expect her to go that fast that soon in the 100m hurdles!

The Provincial Record – held by former Warrior Shaunie Morrison – was 14.30 for youth 16 and under, and 14.04 for youth 17 and under. Katelyn smashed both records by running an amazing 13.92. And it is early in the season, so I wonder how much faster she still will go. And that means a new Club Record of course. Congratulations, Katelyn!

There were more excellent performances. For our top athletes, the goal is to represent Alberta at the Canadian Youth Championships in August, being selected on the Alberta Legion Team. To have that opportunity, you have to perform well at the selection meet – the CALTAF Track Classic in June (finishing top-two), and you have to make, in most cases, the selection standard.

Katelyn obviously made that standard (14.60). Kai Spierenburg, who had an excellent weekend, made that standard in three events. Wins in both the 100m hurdles (14.31) and 200m hurdles (26.20), second in the 300m in 37.64. His fast 23.19 in the 200m (2nd place) was unfortunately wind aided (+3.4; wind has to be +2.0 or less for records or qualification purposes), but promises great things. Three new Club Records (both hurdles races and 300m). Well done!

The third person making a Legion Team Standard was Rachel Mathieson. Her win in the triple jump with a distance of 10.94m didn’t count as a standard surpassing performance because it was wind aided (+2.8), but her second best jump of 10.93m with +1.6 wind does. Standard is 10.85m. Great job!

More good news. This meet was the provincial championships in the combined events. Morgan won the gold medal in the youth heptathlon with the following performances: 100m hurdles 15.08 (PB), high jump 1.33m, shot put 8.33m (PB), 200m 27.43 (PB), long jump 5.00m (PB), javelin throw 22.38m (PB) and 800m in 2:44.84 (PB) for a total of 3778 points. Well done, Morgan.

There were still more great and good performances. Staying with the hurdles first: James Albers first time under 16 seconds in the 110m hurdles (15.98, PB), Quinn van Roessel 15.03 (PB and 2nd place) in the 100m hurdles, and Katie Yackel 14.75 in the 100m hurdles (PB and 2nd place).

In the jumps, Rachel Mathieson won the high jump (1.45m, PB) and long jump (5.02m) as well. Quinn placed 2nd in the long jump (5.42m, PB). James a very good 2.90m and win in the pole vault. Eric Evans, under the weather, will save his PV skills for the high school meets. Anna Timm jumped 4.00m long, had to give up on most of her jumps because of running the 200m.

In the middle distance, Allison Remington ran 2:42.64 in the 800m and 4:38.96 in the 1200m, both new club records for 12 year olds. Claire Fioretti 2:38.08 and 3rd place in the 800m, Gillian Dennehy very close to her 1200m PB (4:56.74), Robert Germsheid 2:10.07 (800m) and 4:39.20 (1500m); Marissa Kerr 2:45.59 (PB) and 4:35.09; Victoria Maybaum 22.02 over 150m, 2:56.54 in the 800m and 5.60m in the shot put (Bantam multiple events).

Jennifer Yackel 8.45m in the shot put (PB) and 26.10m in the javelin throw. Good to have you back on the track!

Sprints. Some people are just going to be amazing track athletes. Charlotte Terek, 59.71 over 400m in very cold circumstances. That will go down dramatically when the weather gets better and the season progresses. Under better circumstances, a great 200m time of 25.52. That is 2.4 seconds better than last year May in her high school meet.

Personal Bests for (in 100m, 200m or 400m): Zophie Kindrachuk (13.12), Chloe Nelson, (30.07), Petra Richard (28.32), Colton Schroeder (25.77, 58.60), Amanda Sparrow (13.33, 27.22), Anna Timm (14.12, 28.82), Ally Tomaz (14.28), Quinn (24.87). Katelyn Slessor 3rd place finishes in both the 100m (12.46 +2.4) and 200m (25.99, close to PB into slight negative wind). Lauren Smith close to her 400m PB (69.89).

Great job everyone, and congratulations. That was a great start of the outdoor season!

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Jan Lips
Head Coach