Warriors Mission

The mission of the Calgary Warriors Track Club is to provide athletes ages 12 and up the tools and training to be successful in track & field. A number of top-class athletes have come from the ranks of the Calgary Warriors, making provincial and national teams, and several have obtained scholarships at universities in Canada and United States. We also invite older athletes, including masters, to join the club.

Want to join?

It’s fun. It’s fast. It’s healthy. It’s Warriors Track.
Track and field can be an exciting place to meet friends and participate in a variety of individual and team activities involving, running, jumping and throwing. Warrior Track membership is available for athletes between the ages of 12 – 19, although we have some younger and older athletes in our club. We provide coaching in sprints, hurdles, middle distance, jumps and combined events, as this is the primary focus of our club.

Club Organization

The Calgary Warriors Track and Field Club is a non-profit society registered under the Societies Act of Alberta. We are affiliated with Athletics Alberta and Athletics Canada  (the governing bodies for track and field in Alberta and Canada). The Calgary Warriors is operated in accordance with a Constitution and bylaws and is managed by a Board of Directors. We have been an active track and field club since 1991

Coaching Staff

Mario Festival
Middle distance, sprints
mobile 587-890-5671

Jan Lips
All events
mobile 403-708-3530

Esther Sieben
Jumps and combined events

Ali Carruthers
Junior Development

Board of Directors

Tara Shiu, President and Calgary Track Council representative

Michael Wesolowski, Vice President and Coach Liaison

Paige Miles, Treasurer

Amber Mayr, Secretary

Karin Hunter, Volunteer Coordinator

Natasha Berry, Apparel Coordinator

Maxx Lapthorne, Member at Large

vacant, Member at large

Membership and Registration

Registration opens September 1. Membership fees cover coaching, Athletics Alberta membership and track rentals. Memberships run from October 1 to September 30 of the following year. Club membership fees are non-refundable.


The Calgary Warriors is independent and self-supporting. It receives no regular financial or material assistance from outside bodies, private or public. The club’s policy is to keep membership fees as low as possible. Our only financial support beyond the membership fee is our Casino, every 18 months on average, which is necessary for us to operate. Major annual recurring expenses are sports equipment, athlete’s travel, coaching expenses and facility rentals. Meet entry fees are charged to the athletes. Travel fees (hotel and transportation) are charged to the athletes and partially subsidized by the club.

Role of Parents

Parents fill most executive and committee positions in the club. All parents who enroll their children in the Warriors Track Club volunteer time for fund-raising (Casino) and help out with a variety of other tasks throughout the year. Parents who are not able to work the casino must pay $200.

Parents should help athletes set personal goals for self-improvement, which are reasonable and help them to make a commitment to achieve them.

Working at Meets

Parents are expected to work at meets. In addition to the casino, parents are expected to work at several meets, indoor as well as outdoor. Every family should put in at least 10 hours of volunteering per year. Working half a day at a meet is 4 hours, a whole day is 8 hours. Check the Contacts page for the contact information of our volunteer coordinator.

Competitions and Meet Registration

All competitions will be entered based on the athletes age and training level. Travel to meets will be based on training and competition level. All athletes are expected to compete at the Provincial Championships if healthy. Athletes will be informed of up coming meets and who will be attending.

Base Training

Prior the indoor season which starts in November, there is a 6-week base training program at Glenmore track or River Park/Sandy Beach for those not in the Cross Country program. Base training starts Mid-September and goes till the end of October.

Indoor Season

Indoor training takes place at Repsol Sport Center (200 meter track) from November 1 to April 1. During April, training takes place both indoor and outdoor, weather dependent.

We attend indoor meets (200 meter track) in Edmonton and Calgary. In addition, our most talented high school athletes may attend the Simplot Games in Pocatello, Idaho (mid-February).

Club fees cover the cost of using the Repsol Sport Center during practice times.

Outdoor Season

Outdoor training takes place at the Glenmore track from April 15 to August 1 with the exception of those participating in Youth/Midget Nationals in August. We attend outdoor meets (400 meter track) in Calgary and out of town (Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Kelowna). Dates and locations are announced well in advance.

Spring Training

A spring training camp will be held in California (or another warm place) around Spring Break, including competition in a high school meet if there is enough interest in participating.

Cross Country Season

Cross Country training starts in September at Sandy Beach Park. This is an augmentation to the school cross country programs.